You can download and use Hadoop Drive for free (including commercial use). You can even distribute Hadoop Drive as a part of your software.

HadoopDrive doesn’t send any statistical information back to us, so appreciate for letting us know you use HadoopDrive. Any feedback and improvement ideas are welcome.

So why to purchase licenses?

  1. Thanks to licenses we can support and maintain Hadoop Drive project
  2. We can develop new features
  3. Licenses start from $5, so you may consider them as project donations 🙂
  4. Licensed HadoopDrive has branding removed

Purchasing a license can be done in few steps:

  1. Provide Name to generate license key (License key will introduce itself using this name. It can be your name, like John Smith or company name like Company Inc).
  2. Select number of desired licenses (one license  = one workstation)
  3. Click “Buy Now” button below (to pay using PayPal or Credit Card. Put a note in the “Note to Seller” field requesting an invoice, if you require one)

    Select license type
    Enter Your Name (Company Name)

  4. After purchasing you will immediately receive an email containing your registration key.
  5. Put registration key from email in HadoopDrive settings window.